Eric’s Graduation

Monday, October 12, 2015

He has finally done it!  Eric has finally got his Master’s Degree.  

Friday Night
Eric’s parents got into town around 10pm. Judy and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle while Eric and Terry talked. Around midnight Bonnie and Adam showed up. I was very happy they were able to make.

The Ceremony
Eric’s graduation ceremony was at 10 am on Saturday. It was a small graduation with maybe a 100 people. There were some undergraduates. The ceremony lasted about an hour and half. The St. Mary’s University president is dull. I miss Brother Louis! Anyways, the new president is from Boston and during his entire speech all I could think about was he sounded like a Godfather in the mafia and when I listened to what he said, I imagined as if he was the Godfather. I started cracking up laughing and shared with DJ and Bonnie why I was laughing and then of course all three of us were laughing. The thing is he wasn’t saying anything funny! Oh that was fun. SMU provided snacks and refreshments afterwards.

The Lunch
When made our way home and it was time to eat. We had quite the menu for such a small gathering. Pork Roast sandwiches, cheese potatoes, chips, veggies, bars  etc. It was all great. Byron showed up in time to eat. Eventually the Stayers showed up too. It went well. My mom and brother also showed up just in time for church. We went to 5pm church.

Night Nation
Of course we had a run on Saturday. DJ’s kids came up and we ran (or walked) the 5K at Canterbury Park. It was huge event with over 10,000 people. It was dark and we had those light things around our neck. I wasn’t happy with my run/walk. I wasn’t in the mood to run. The start was on the dirt horse track. Then we ran on uneven gravel/cement/paved roads back by the horse barns. I’m not a party person, I don’t drink so this really wasn’t a run for me. DJ, Beth, Ethan and I walked. Abbie and Eric ran it. Good for them. Ha!

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