Running, Partying, Drinking (1919) and Cannons

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A weekend of family and fun (and some relaxation too!)

Suds Run
Saturday morning we ran in Suds Run 5K again. My performance was less than spectacular. It was worse than last year’s race if you can believe that! I didn’t even have bronchitis this year and I sucked. Where has my speed gone? Argh!! Oh well.

New Ulm
After the race we rushed home, showered and were on the road to New Ulm. Danielle and Bradley had a party at their new house. Most of my family was there except for Mike who is in Vegas. Bradley’s parents and brothers were there as well as his grandparents from Pittsburgh. It was a nice group. We had lunch and they played cards. I watch football. I did play two rounds of Farkle with Mom and Bev and got killed each time.

Hermann Fest
Everybody else was engaged in card playing so Eric and I decided to walk do to Hermann Fest which was in the park a few blocks away from Danielle and Bradley’s house. It was so much fun. We got some 1919 rootbeer and watch the New Ulm Municipal Band and Battery put on a show. It was music with cannon fire. It was so cool. There were 10 cannons I think and they would shut them off at appropriate times during the music. A couple of the songs I recognized were The National Emblem, Stars and Stripes and 1812 Overture. The show lasted about an hour and we heard the cannons fire off a lot. Here is the National Emblem:

When the show was over, we bought mom some German potato salad and walked back to the house. Everybody was still there…playing cards. Mom shared the potato salad and everybody loved it. Shortly after we got back was time for fireworks.  They had a great view from the street in front of their house. The fireworks were shot off from the hill and surrounded the Hermann statute. We capped off the night eating pizza.

My family spent the night and left early the next morning after breakfast. We also left as Danielle had to study for her exam and had correct homework. We got home and watched a couple of our movies that have been collecting dust. Eventually I went out for a 5 mile run and then called it a night. It was a relaxing day.

Suds Run 2015
(I have dorky sunglasses)
The Actual Start
The Finish
Hermann Fest 2015

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