A Weekend in Detroit

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eric, Mom and I went to Detroit over the weekend to visit family.  We had a great time. We got to Detroit right at dinner time Friday night. We met Charlie and Donna at Big Boy restaurant. Marie is one of the managers. Dinner was good and we got caught up on plans for the weekend. Charlie I’ve met a couple times, Donna I met at the 2008 family reunion and Marie I had never met. All these cousins of mine!

Oakland University
Saturday morning Mom, Eric and I ventured up to Oakland University to pick up our packets for the Brooksie Way 10K we were running on Sunday. It is a very beautiful campus and very hilly! You can read all about that run in my review here. After picking up our stuff we headed for Greenfield Village. All I can say about Detroit is some areas are beautiful; others are boarded up and kind of scary. Also the signs and roads are confusing.  It took quite a bit of turning around but we eventually got to Greenfield Village.

Greenfield Village
It was quite expensive to get into the Greenfield village. Eric and I was $88! We bought the unlimited rides pass so we could ride the Weiser Railroad, in a Vintage Model T, the 1931 Ford Model AA Bus and the Greenfield Village Omnibus Shuttle (horse drawn carriage). If you are going to relive the past, you have to ride in the transportation of the past. We covered quite a bit around in our 4 hours there. I didn’t expect to stay that long but there was so much to see and do, plus we stood in line forever to get on a Model T. It is a popular attraction! We walked around the train roundhouse. Trains have always fascinated me so that was really cool for me. We walked around some of the old farm houses and cottages where the women were making meals. There was a beer demonstration too. It was a very neat place. Not at all what I remember!

Comerica Park

Eric and I crossed another park off the list with the visit to Comerica Park. There about 20 of us that went to the game. We met at Nemo’s first for some food and took the shuttle to the game. The stadium is really nice. They have a water fountain that I didn’t want to see because it meant something good happened for the Tigers. The seats were band considering we were sitting in the upper deck. The game was great as the Twins won!  There was a carousel for kids that had all tigers on it. Ha! And I found a Torii Hunter Tigers jersey on the clearance rack…I’m not paying $80 for a jersey of an opposing team! 

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