May 2015 Recap

Monday, June 1, 2015

Runs: 11
Miles: 42.5
Races: 3 (Lake Minnetonka ½ Relay (5.7 miles) - 1:04.23; Valleyfair’s Run and Ride 10K- 1:17.29; Minneapolis Marathon Relay (7.15 miles) - 1:30.05)
Outdoors: 11
Indoors: 0
Longest: 7.15 miles
Average Pace: 12:20

May started out promising. We started the month out with a 3 mile run after work and before a Twins game. A couple days later we completed the Lake Minnetonka Half Relay and my time wasn’t too bad. But then I got slow, really slow. I’m not sure if it is because of the weight gain…I haven’t been so good in the food department and gained some weight. Maybe the humidity?  I also had another bout of bronchitis type symptoms again for the Valleyfair 10K. And I ran a lot of longer runs which for me means slower times. May’s weather was awesome so that isn’t an excuse.

I had three races this month. Like I mentioned above we had the Lake Minnetonka ½ Relay where I ran 5.7 miles brutal, humid, hilly miles in just over an hour. It was a tough race. The humidity about killed me. The next race was Valleyfair’s Run and Ride 10K. It poured almost the entire race and it was small so we were alone for a lot of it. I also was suffering from breathing problems  (ie. Bronchitis). Even though my time was slow, I was pleased with it considering all the stuff I was fighting against! The last race was the last day of the month, the Minneapolis Marathon Relay. I ran leg 3 which was the 2nd longest of the 4 legs and the start was up a hill. Not my favorite! The weather was perfect for this race. The temps were in the 50s and the sun was shining and a little breeze. I wish my time was better but I’m still happy with the time.  

June will be another low mileage month I fear. I just signed us up for a 5K while we are in Oregon (another state off my list!) and a 10K in London…a trail run so that will be slow. We will be on a lot of vacation so I’ll be walking a bunch of miles but not really running.

Trophies for May
La Fiesta is for running on Cinco de Mayo. I'm not sure what Arctic is.  

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