Valentine’s Day Gala

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

After our frigid 5K run, we rushed home to shower and change and get ready for our drive to Wisconsin. It was the annual Knights of Columbus Gala at the Catholic school. We went last year too so this is becoming one of those annual things I guess. The food was good; pork roast, beef tips in gravy, potatoes etc. I talked to a lot of people but most people were shocked to see Mike. Many haven’t seen him since he lost the weight. We stayed a lot longer than last year. We didn’t leave until after the drawing at 10:30.  Anna won the $200…lucky duck!

Sunday morning we had quiche and killer brownie for breakfast…the brownie wasn’t really for breakfast but it was hot and gooey so I had to eat some. Shortly after that we got chicken from the Chicken Q fundraiser. It was good, not the best but good. I love chicken from a Chicken Q. Yum! We played a couple games of Yahtzee and then we had our taxes done. It was a good weekend with lots of food. 

Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) I need to start my crash diet because in 26 days I have a dress I need to fit into! :)

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