The end is near!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank God the end of our busy life season is near.  It is a very stressful couple of months.  Now it really isn’t “over” as we had stuff to do up until the middle of May but the two major things, the 10-K (GAAP) and the Statutory Blue Books (STAT) are almost filed.  No more working Saturdays, not as many late nights. We haven’t filed yet, that will come next week but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I have all my state forms done are and ready to mail. I have a cute picture of Swirl sleeping on pages from my 10-K document I was reading a weekend or so ago. He felt how I felt about it...boring read!  I'll post it after we have filed. (I can't do it before...don't want to get in trouble!)
Unfortunately, the end will be sad this year as the VP in my area was let go effective the first week of March. It is such a sad thing. She has been the best leader ever. She is compassionate and supportive.  She went to bat for us on numerous occasions. It is a very sad day indeed.  She will be ok though. She said she is looking forward to golfing with her daughter and playing on their new jet skis. 
Another sad thing is my team is being split up between the GAAP side and STAT side.  It puts me in a pickle because my job is really 50% GAAP and 50% STAT so I’m not sure what that means.   I’m trying not to worry because the work I do still has to get done. I’m trying to be optimistic but some days it is a struggle.
Eric was supposed to have class tonight but it was cancelled because of the snow.  Shucks, there goes my evening of being alone. LOL! I guess I have to drag him swimming. And dinner…what to have for dinner?  Now that he will be home tonight I actually have to make something instead just cereal. Lent is so tough. Cheese pizza I guess.
That’s about it from here.  I’m looking forward to having a work-free weekend.  But I’m sure I’ll be working in the house. I have lots of housework.

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