Book of Mormon

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last night we went to the Broadway hit musical the Book of Mormon at Orpheum Theater. This is the first time I have been to the Orpheum.  That is sad considering I have lived in the Twin Cities for over 12 years. The show was raunchy but funny. It was written by the guys who created the show South Park. So what you got was a South Park episode but live on the stage.
The story was pretty funny.  It is about these two Mormon Missionaries Elder Cunningham and Elder Price. Cunningham is an overweight nerd and a compulsive liar who is completely hopeless at sticking to the approved dialogue. Price is the superstar Mormon kid who believes if he prays enough, he will be sent to Orlando for his two-year mission.  But to Price’s shock and horror he was paired with Cunningham and they are sent to Uganda.
Once they get there, Price has a vocation crisis and runs away. Meanwhile, Cunningham starts telling the people his version of the Book of Mormon because he never actually read the book himself.  He would make up stories about Joseph Smith that the Ugandan people could relate to. For instance, he told them Joseph Smith also suffered from AIDS and had sex with a frog and was cured. Or that he died of dysentery.  These people bought it and got baptized.   The Mormon Church was so surprised and happy that they got these new converts that the Head of the Church went to Uganda to meet these people.  The new converts decided to put on a play about the Book of Mormon for the Head of the Church.  Well as you can imagine…their play was based on all the stories (lies) that Cunningham told them. LOL!  It was funny.  But as I said very raunchy and downright vulgar.  Definitely not kid friendly. You have been warned.

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