USA is Golden

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The problem with the Olympics is that the coverage goes until 11pm so I’m up really late every night but 6am always comes at the same time…too early!  The USA is currently in the lead over China and that makes Eric very happy. Every day I get in the car after work and he has the latest update on medals.  When China was leading he kept saying wait until track and field, they can’t beat us.  Well that seems to hold true so far.  Our Fab 5 gymnastic team didn’t do too hot in the individual events.  Aly got gold on floor and bronze on beam.  Gabby, the individual all-around gold medal winner, finished last in beam and the parallel bars.  I think she got lucky in the all-around.  Track and Field isn’t nearly as interesting as swimming but oh well. As I mentioned before, the Olympics pretty much consume my life right now.  I listen at work, I watch at home, I even listen to it in the car on the Olympic station on Sirius.

LOL! Eric just informed me we are leading in all medal categories. He really loves the USA.

On Monday we started the 100 mile challenge at work.  Basically we have to wear a pedometer walk or run  100 miles by Labor Day. The first day I got about 7 miles and 8 miles the next.  Yesterday I was a slacker and only did 4 miles. I went for a run on Monday, it wasn't too bad. My toe hurt a little.  Tuesday I only went for a walk and my toe actually hurt more. Well I'm only at 4 miles today so I need to get outside for a walk.                                                             

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