Why am I up at 5:30am? Part 2

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 24, 2011 — “Leaving on a Jet Plane” to Las Vegas
View of Hoover Dam from the Bridge
Why is it every time I have a day off I'm wide awake at 5:30 in the morning?  Really?  Why!?!  I could sleep in until noon if I wanted to BUT NO...I'm up early with nothing to do...sound familiar?  

Yesterday was a very busy and fun filled day.  We got up at 4:15 for our flight.  The airport was crazy busy at 5:30 am on Christmas Eve.  Yikes.  Our flight was uneventful.

First stop, Hoover Dam.  The new bridge over the gorge is awesome.  It is so high!  but unfortunately you can't see the Dam because the 
wall is too high.  After turning around in Arizona we head down to the  Dam.  First stop was the rest area just under the new bridge.  After a short walk up 66 steps (or you can do the handicap ramp) we were walking across the new bridge.  It was so cool!  

View of the Bridge from the Dam
We continued down the road and went walking across the dam to get a better view of the bridge.  It was such a beautiful day.   The sun was out, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the mid-60s.

We made our way back to Vegas and In-N-Out Burger.  Yum!  It was so good, I was so happy to finally get my burger and fries.  Its been over 2 years since my last 
In-N-Out Burger. I'm starting to sound like an Alcoholic in rehab. LOL! 

After a long line at hotel registration, we finally got up to our room and relaxed before heading to 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass at the Cathedral 3 blocks away (on the Las Vegas Strip!).  It is kind of weird going to Mass at a church on the Las Vegas Strip.

We made Mom walk a marathon up the strip.  We went to the Wynn and checked out their flower display.  It was cool.  Next we stopped at Venetian to check out the shops and gondolas and the Mirage for the Volcano thing.  We went to Gilly's for dinner.  It wasn't that great.  I ate the cornbread and my mouth went numb.  I'm not sure what was in it but it tasted good until the kick happened.  It was very weird feeling having my mouth and lips go numb. They were still numb an hour later.  We gave Mom a reprieve and hopped on the Deuces bus to the Bellagio for the water show. It was amazing like always.

We rounded the night off with a long bus ride to the Fremont Street Experience.  I have to say I really don't like Fremont Street.  A combination of old casinos, weird people,  loud music and a very tired Kimmer makes for a very unhappy person. I was so relieved  to get back to my bed at 11pm.  Which begs the questions....why am I up!!!!!

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