Waiting in the sun

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello from the back seat of the minivan standing in a long line for the entrance to the Safari Park in Escondido, CA. It is part of the San Diego Zoo...but much cooler...which probably why we are standing in this long line. :( We are with my cousin Bev. We are heading to the park with her.

The weather is gorgeous. 83 degrees and sunny. Too bad my capri jeans got fish guts all over them yesterday.

Yesterday was a great day. Steve took us to Newport Beach and checked out the beach and ocean. There were a ton of surfers out. The water was freezing! It was also very foggy.  We checked out the pier where they were fishing for smelt. We saw a sea lion and I leaned over the pier to get a better look and I got fish guts all over me. Gross!  Somebody cleaned their fish on the pier railing.  I also got to hold a crab. After that we went to Downtown Disney for some shopping and lunch. We saw some Oregon Duck players.

We had dinner with Steve, Susie, Mike, their son and Miguel a friend. We went to outback steakhouse. It was such a nice night and the place was packed we ate on the patio under heaters. It was so nice.  The gave me ice cream for my birthday...too bad I don't like ice cream...I shared it with everybody. After dinner Steve and Susie gave me a Christmas Train for my birthday. It was a great night!


  1. Did Eric have any problems getting in this time which led to an hour of searching? haha