A Boring Life We Lead

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ok I know it has been a while so I have blogged but life hasn’t been that interesting. The corn maze weekend was awesome. We had a great time with the family. The lasagna was good and the Badgers lost on the last second Hail Mary pass to Michigan State and Dylan threw his phone at the wall.

Since then our life has been sort of mundane. I have volleyball on Tuesdays and band on Thursdays. The weekends have been uneventful too. Eric and I have gone on a lot of Sunday drives. I feel like such an old couple.

Halloween was cool. We had 42 kids come to our door for candy. That was the most we have ever had. Last year we had around 30. That just means less candy for Eric :-(

Speaking of Eric…Good news he was accepted into the Masters of Organizational Leadership at St. Mary’s University. He starts in January. That means 15 months of continuous school and no social life.

This weekend we are going to Wisconsin for the semi-annual Chicken Q. It is a fun weekend with good food and family. Danielle is riding with us so that is cool. I get to help out again scooping chickens. Fun times but hopefully I won’t hurt my finger this time. Maybe I need different tongs.

Well that’s about it.

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