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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!

We had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.  We had an excellent meal with Hiram, Bonnie and family.  Juliette, Eric and I went shopping at 10pm.  We started at Walmart and got some fun stuff.  Eric was our "stand in liner."  That line took about 45 minutes.  Than we stood in line for 40 minutes to get into Kohl's so I could get mom's heating mattress pad.  Score us.  That line wasn't too bad.  The last stop of the night was Target. I wanted the I Pod Nano but they were cleared out. We got some dvds and stood in line for over an hour snaking around the floor.  When we got close the registers we realized that it was a waste of our time to standing line, oh well.  We got home by 2:30.  Juliette and I went back to Target later on Friday and they had a ton of the I Pod Nanos.  So I got a green one...woo hoo!!!   We made another trip to Target later to get an IPod Nano for Leilani.  It was a good shopping day.

Today Bonnie, Juliette and I went shopping again. I got 2 pairs of boots. LOVE THEM! After that we had dinner at Chris and Leilani.  Banyan convinced Juliette and I to create a dance. Click the video to be entertained...haha. I'm not sure why the music disappears and why it is sideways. It sounds just fine on the phone.

It was a great weekend.  Tomorrow we get to drive home :-(

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