We be rafting

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

 Today was the day for whitewater rafting the Yellowstone River. Wow it was so much fun. I want to do more challenging rapids next. We did mostly Class III. I even jumped in and swam down a feel of the rapids (yes on purpose, I wasn't throwing in like the one girl). The water wasn't that bad. Eric and I, along with the girl that was thrown in earlier, went swimming...the others were to wimpy! After that we ventured back into Yellowstone's North Entrance.
Whitewater rafting

We stopped and had a quick lunch at Mammoth and they drove on down to Norris. Along the way stopped at Rustic Falls and Sheepeater cliff. At Norris, we walked the Porcelain Trail around various geysers in the basin. Very cool but also very smelly...rotten eggs. The colors of the pools are amazing. You just want to jump right in. After that we went down to Madison Junction and out the West Entrance of Yellowstone. We ventured 20 miles into Idaho to Henry's Lake State Park. I figured we are so close to Idaho, we had to explore it. And I'm SO HAPPY we did. Our camp host at Henry's Lake gave us info on the area and there was a scenic drive (about 75 miles round trip) called the Mesa Falls Byway. We got to see two water falls, Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, 114 and 65 feet, respectively and we also got to view the Grand Tetons on the west side. I'm so excited because we will be on the east side of the Grand Tetons tomorrow! The sunset was amazing and we got to see a Momma Moose and her babies (Mini Moose?) feeding about 100 yards from our cabin. So cool!

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