I wish I was a skier

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We left our Idaho cabin heading east back to Yellowstone. Today we ventured down to Old Faithful and then on to Grand Teton. There are many Geyser Basins on the way to Old Faithful and beyond. You could spend a whole day walking around them. We did quite a few, but we were pressed for time so we kept our hikes to under 2 miles. We got to Old Faithful in time to see it blow, it really is an anti-climatic experience but at least I can say I saw it. It goes off about every 90 minutes. After Old Faithful we drive down to West Thumb Geyser Basin. Some of these geysers are actually in Yellowstone Lake so that was cool. Tonight we are staying in Teton Village. It is so cool. I could get used to this comfort. I bet this place is hoping in the winter. Our balcony has views of the mountain and the ski runs.

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