Beartooth Hwy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eric's head ache is cured...YEA! The resort is really nice but the Rock Creek outside of room is LOUD! Today we took the Beartooth Hwy (US 212) into Yellowstone. We walked out to one of the glaciers along the way, not to far from the summit at 10,947 feet. After that we had a nice down hill ride into the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone.
Along the Beartooth Hwy.
Along the way to our first stop, Tower Falls, we saw a bison walking down the center of the road and then of course the whole herd. I'm sick of Bison. I want to see other animals. I know they were almost extinct at one point, but there are plenty of them now! After Tower Falls, which was way cool, we drove down the Dunraven Pass to Canyon Village for lunch. We didn't explore too much around Canyon as we are staying here the last night of our days in Yellowstone. After lunch we venture back up Dunraven Pass and on to the Mammoth Hot Springs area. Tonight we are staying in Gardiner, MT. Not really much here except for some hotels and very expensive gas stations. $4.15 here, $4.40 in the park itself. I'm afraid to admit this but I was really craving pizza for dinner. Gardiner had a pizza place outside our hotel but I checked online reviews and nobody liked it. I looked online for pizza places that were close to Gardiner and the closest one was in Livingstone...a Pizza Hut. Ok, not what I was expecting but none the less it was pizza. So we ventured up to Livingstone about a 50 mile drive for Pizza Hut. When we get there it is only a carryout/deliver place. So we order our pizza and ate it in the car on the drive back to lame. But on a positive note, we only paid $3.85 for gas. Much better than $4.15 50 miles down the road. Do we actually make out better on the deal, I don't know.

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