Pink Eye nightmare

Monday, December 11, 2023

When I took my contacts out on Tuesday, I had an intense burning sensation in both eyes and they were bright red. Oh no. The next morning I had the tell tale sign of crusty eyes. CRAP!  I went the clinic at Hy-vee and she confirmed what I suspected...Pink eye. She gave me some drops and sent me home. The drops made my eyes burn but I didn't think anything of it. After a day of drops, it wasn't getting better and it continued to burn. I didn't use the drops for a while before we boarded the plane to Denver. I was dealing with crusty crap on the plane but my eyes were looking better. When we landed I put the drops in again and it hurt so bad and my skin around my eyes just got flaky and chapped and painful. I was so embarrassed by my bright eyes I couldn't look the rental car guy in the eyes nor the person that checked us in at our hotel. I tried to calm it with warm compresses but it just was getting worse and worse. Finally at 2 am I couldn't deal with it anymore and I was experiencing cloudy vision. I called the nurse line and she told me to go to ER. So I woke Eric up and we drove into Denver to the closest ER. 

Thankfully it was not busy and they got me right in. They said I was having an allergic reaction to the eye drops. So they gave me a steroid and put me on a different type of drops. We were in and out in no time. It was so nice. The steroid kicked in and calmed my eyes down and the drops seem to work. My skin around my eyes and eyelids were very dry and painful. I discovered that Vaseline is a miracle cure. I'm finally feeling ok again. 

Steroids are AWESOME!


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