Twins Games

Thursday, September 1, 2022

 We had a busy August with Twins games. I went to 9 games and 2 of them were in LA!

Here were my seats for my work outing to the Twins game. It was so stinking hot and we were in the sun. They view wasn't great but we got close to Kepler. :)

My next game was Hall of Fame day. I got a Dan Gladden Hat. Eric had a soccer game so I went with Bill, Alice and Mary Linda. It was fun!

The next game was on the next Saturday. Mike, Linda and Alec joined us. I got VIP parking so it was a sweet perk because we automatically got a bobblehead and didn't have to come super early. Alec and Eric went to the MN Loons game first so they met us at the stadium. They didn't get a bobblehead. 

The last game of August we got upgraded to the lower section. I have a picture of our seats and then our upgrade. This was the last game that Mary Linda came to with us as she went back to Phoenix in the morning. 

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