MN State Fair 2022

Friday, September 2, 2022

 We went to the Minnesota State Fair twice this year. The first time we went with Mike, Linda and Alec. We met Nancy, Greg and Blake at the Hamline Dinner where Eric always gets his Chicken Dinner from the church ladies. After that we headed to the Mighty Midway for rides but first Alec and Blake went down the Giant Yellow Slide.

Next stop was the Miracle of Life to see some babies and the animal barns.

Blake with day old piglets

Largest Boar

Finally we made it to the Mighty Midway.

 After about 3 hours we decided to see other things at the fair so we headed towards O'Gara's for pretzel crusted cheese curds and Rueben Bits. But first Mike had to stop for a Leinie's.

There were quite a few things that we didn't get to do with the family so Eric and I went to the Fair afterwork on Thursday. 
On the bus to the State Fair

Our first stop was to try the new food, Tot Dog. A hot dog crusted in tater tots and fried. YUM!

Next stop was a Roasted Corn on the cob and some 1919 root beer. After that we headed to the Agriculture Building to see the Giant pumpkins.

Then we walk through the Education and Fine Arts buildings. Sadly, the Education building wasn't like it used to be. :(  We saw some awesome art.

We stopped in the Eco Experience and was excited they brought back the Bingo for Buffs. So Eric and I walked around and got our bingo cards stamped and got our free Buffs. They are purple this year. We saw an electric Ford 150. 

It was a great year for the Fair. I can't wait for next year!

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