Back to Normal?

Saturday, June 5, 2021

It has been an interesting 3 weeks since I last wrote. 

No Masks!

The CDC said vaccinated people don't have to wear masks anymore or social distance. SAY WHAT? I never thought we would ever shed the masks. I couldn't believe my ears. At first, quite a few stores retained the mask requirement but slow one by one stores started dropping the mask mandate. Minneapolis still required a masked but now, three weeks later, Minneapolis gave up on the mask requirement too. 

Back to Work!

My team decided to actually come into work on May 20th! Granted it was a "Lunch and Leave" day (ie. work the morning, go to lunch and then leave.) We spent the morning organizing the hard copy books that were delivered to our desk back in February. It was nice because we could park in the building. Sadly, we lost that privilege on June 1st so future visits will have to be by bus. :( 

Ameriprise wants us to start easing back into come back in the building. As a team, we picked Tuesdays and are starting on June 15th. And the benefit of Tuesdays is Donut Day. VPs are buying us donuts. Not sure if we will ever go back 100%. It sounds like we will only be coming a few days a week. 

Eric, on the other hand, has to go back 100% on July 6th. :(  Poor guy.    

Back to Band!

We started rehearsing for summer concerts a couple weeks ago. We have to practice outside but we don't need any special masks or silly horn covers and we don't have to social distance. It is awesome to play again. I really missed it. Before the pandemic really hit us, I was starting to get sick of band and was thinking I needed a break. And that was exactly what I needed because I'm back to loving it again.

Back to Soccer!

I have mentioned that we have been back to Twins games for a month now but the Minnesota Loons, professional soccer team, is back too. I'm excited to see some soccer again.  

Back to Life!

Other highlights of the last 3 weeks. 

My irises bloomed!

Caio, Eric and I went kayaking down the Blue Earth River on Memorial Day. Even though Q wanted to go with us, she had to stay home.

I tried running again for Global Running Day.

I really need to get into the groove again but it was 100 degrees today...and we went to pool

Life is looking up!

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