The Bag Fiasco

Saturday, December 14, 2019

We flew down to New Orleans on Friday night. It was a beautiful sunset on the flight to Atlanta.
The Bag Fiasco
We got to New Orleans at about 10:30 and Phil’s flight landed the same time and our planes parked at adjoining gates. We waited for Phil to deplane before we head to baggage claim. We watch everybody from our flight get the bag and mine still hadn’t arrive. So I opened up my Delta app to track my bag and realized that my bag was on a different flight number. I wasted almost 40 minutes waiting for my bag to only realize it wasn’t on our plane. I looked at the tracking of my bag and it wasn’t even taken off the MSP plane until 10pm, 2 hours after we landed! Thankfully it was on the next flight but sadly that was supposed to arrive at 1am and I wouldn’t get my bag delivered until the morning. I was a little ticked. You see, we had an hour and half layover in Atlanta. And our MSP flight came into Gate E14 and my MSY (New Orleans) flight was leaving from Gate would think that was enough time to get my checked bag on my flight...but apparently not. Our bag finally arrived at 8:30 this morning at my hotel.

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