Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon

Friday, December 20, 2019

My best half of 2019!!!

This was an awesome race. The weather was perfect. The logistics were great. The course was flat...almost too flat. The view was beautiful. There were tons of water stops. The only con was not a lot of crowd support.

I was under a 3 hour pace for the first 11 miles. I fell apart during mile 12...with the only hill on the course, a freaking overpass!  My official time is 3:07:28.

Sunrise at the Start

The view for the first 10 miles
The view before the overpass bridge...hill.

Relaxing on the grass outfield

Mississippi shaped medal
Phil survived 26.2...again.

Biloxi Shucker Stadium (Brewer's affiliate)
My new visor!

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