Mankato Half Marathon

Monday, October 21, 2019

They changed the race to Saturday from Sunday (Boo!)  We had to rush down to the expo after work to get our bib. We stopped at the RVR booth to see Paul and check out the massaging leg system. It made my toes numb! 

Lindsey, Paula's sister, was running the full and we met up with her and her husband at the Expo. They were going to go to Olive Garden but called me shortly after they left to ask if they could join us at Pagilli's for some pizza as the wait for OG was over an hour. 

The morning of the race we stopped by Caribou Coffee and ran into Brenda. She was also running the half. It was good to see her again. She stuck around me for a couple miles but I eventually lost her. 

DJ and Tim came and cheered us on in a couple spots on the race course. 

I had high expectations for this race since the last time I ran it was almost under 3 hours. Through 8 miles it was going well...then we hit mud and a chewed up road and that destroyed my mojo.  I struggled the last 5 miles and finished on par with my halfs this year...3:11. They changed the race course from the last time I ran it. But that doesn't account for the 11 minutes longer it took me this time. Boo. I really need to train better for the next 3 weeks. Yikes! 

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