Twins beat the Yankees...and the A's

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What a fantastic couple of days for us Twins fans!!  Eric's friend, Kevin and his family were in town from South Dakota this weekend. One of the kids, Adam, loves the Oakland A's (not sure why); Isaac loves the Yankees. So does Kevin. Jana is the only sensible Twins fan in the family. Ha!

The Twins schedule worked out very nicely as the A's and Yankees play back-to-back series at Target Field.

Game One - Twins vs. A's
The first game was Sunday versus the Oakland A's. The game was very exciting but very long. It was well over 4 hours. During the 8th inning we stood in line with Isaac to run the bases. It is a Sunday tradition at Target Field. Going into the 9th inning the Twins were down by two runs. Unfortunately we were down in the depths of Target field so we couldn't see the action. I'm not exactly sure how we pulled it off, but Max Kepler had the walk off base hit to win it. It was so exciting!  Poor Adam. LOL!

Final score: 7-6

Game Two - Twins vs. Yankees
Oh you damn Yankees. How I hate thee! When it comes to the Yankees, I just assume we are going to lose. Our record against them for the last 17 years is like 35 and 90. It is awful. The first inning started out like another Yankee slaughtering. I mean Perez walked the first two batters.  But we witness some history...A TRIPLE PLAY! Yep. The Twins pulled off a triple play to end the inning. It happened so fast that I didn't see the first out and was confused when the Twins were running off the field. It took a while to process what I just saw. It was pretty amazing.

Bottom of the first the Twins had back-to-back home runs. This game was one of the most exciting games I've ever been too. These Twins don't look anything like the old Twins I'm used to. I have to admit that I kept thinking when are we going to blow it...We never did. Another random play was the Yankee's catcher was called for interference with the bases loaded which means we scored! So bizarre!  In total there were 8 home runs hit in the game, 5 of those were by the Twins.

Final score: 8-6

This Twins team is so much fun to watch. This team is special!

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