Yankee Stadium…Meh!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Aka "The House That Ruth Built"

There is no hiding that the Yankees are my list favorite team in MLB. I know some may say I’m jealous. Not really. As a generalization, their fans are horrible. This is true for most. I’m sure there are some nice Yankees fans out there but I haven’t met them. For a team that is so “awesome” you would think their stadium would be awesome too.

Initial impression
I’m honest opinion, the stadium doesn’t even crack the top 20 of my favorites. Maybe the old stadium would have done better but this one is too new and there is no history. Wrigley Field, which also isn’t my favorite, has a storied past which I respect. The stadium isn’t near waterfront or some famous landmark and no skyline view so it loses mega points. I didn’t feel like there was anything special about it. It was just a big cement field in the middle of the Bronx.  Also, there stupid policy of no metal bottles is ridiculous, I didn’t see anywhere on the website that metal bottles aren’t allowed. (I had to throw away my bottle).

I was texting my fellow Twins season ticket buddy and he asked for my impression of the stadium and alI could say is billboards everywhere. There really isn’t a space in the ballpark that isn’t being used for advertisement. It really takes away from the ballpark when you look up and see ads for every product under the sun. It is distracting.

Game experience…
well most of the fans arrived late and we had to constantly look around them walking in front of us. I was surprised how quit it was. I always thought that Yankee fans stood for the whole game and constantly were cheering. I didn’t see that at all. Actually, there were sections of the ballpark that were empty. (Granted it was a late September game.) Walking around the stadium, you couldn’t see the action at all from the concourses. We are spoiled at Target Field with that.  As far as between innings, not much was happening. It was kind of boring.

Walking around…
So they have this amazing Monument Park. Unfortunately, you can’t go there during the game. How lame is that? Probably the coolest thing about that stadium and it is inaccessible. There really wasn’t much to see walking around. They had a wall of famous Yankees but not all of them were there and it didn’t say why certain ones were up there. They also had some original seats from the old Yankee Stadium. That was about it.

Overall this place was a dud. The only good things about it was I didn’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom and public transportation is easily accessible.

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