Winter Blues

Monday, January 30, 2017

Here it is the second to last day of the month of January (and my sister’s birthday) and I haven’t written a thing. I guess I’m suffering from the winter blues. You know it is cold, dark and damp outside and I’m working a lot including some weekends so it is really just a blue period.  I finally have some breathing room so I thought I’d write about the last month.
Happy New Year!
We started the month in Wisconsin Dells at the Wilderness Resort & Waterparks, celebrating the New Year. My whole family was there except for Nancy. It was a fun time. We got a lot of time in the water parks and some games with the family. We had to take the long way home though because Mike had an emergency at work and had to leave at like 6am so we had to transport Mom, Linda, Alec and Tammy to Arcadia. Well we had Tammy and Alec and we dropped them off at Mike’s house. Danielle and Bradley dropped mom and Linda off at the mall in La Crosse and Tammy and Alec picked them up. Oh well.
Work Problems!
Work started off with a bang. One of the ladies that retired last year was going to come in and help us with our year end work. Well she had a medical problem just before Christmas so she couldn’t do it anymore. The first few days of the New Year was interviewing people to come in and help us. I’rm not made for interviewing people. But we got through it and I think our pick is great. Other than that work is work, and I’ve been very busy.
Running - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Before our trip to Wisconsin Dells, I had Friday off from work and I ran 13 miles on a treadmill. Amazing! Right? I couldn’t believe it. And my time wasn’t really off my race times which made me very happy. I managed to watch two movies too! That was a GOOD day.
A lot of my January runs inside, either on the have been on the treadmill or indoor track. I tried to get at least 5 miles in each time. I was pretty successful. I took the next weekend off to help my mom move into her apartment.  Two weeks after the 13 miles on the treadmill, I cranked out 15 miles to celebrate that I didn’t have to work on Saturday! That is the longest run for me, ever, and it was so much faster than the 13 I did at the end of December. I was definitely on a runners high!  That was also a GOOD day.
The next weekend I had a sore throat, but the temperatures were close to 40 degrees so I wasn’t about to run inside. Well that was a mistake. On Saturday I ran 8.4 miles. I had planned on 12 miles but I was struggling and the worst was when I was 4 miles from home and the running path turned into a snowmobile trail and I was walking very carefully on compacted ice and snow. I don’t want to hurt myself so I just quit running. I was so happy to see Eric a half a mile down the road. He met me to give me more water but I told him I quit. Yes, if he wouldn’t have shown up I probably would have walked the 4 miles home but I was not feeling well. Sunday morning, again was warm, and we had a 5K race. It was a horrible race for me but again I was not feeling well.  This weekend was the BAD.
I went to work on Monday and that lasted an hour. I went the doctor and he didn’t even have to do a strep test, he knew I had it. I also had bronchitis, and sinus infection. I had the triple whammy. I ended up staying home on Tuesday too. It wasn’t until like 2pm that I finally felt like I was getting better. The antibiotic must have “kicked in.” Since it is busy at work, I ended up working from home even though I was sick. I took most of the week off from running. I finally decided I felt well enough to try on Friday after work. I was going to do 5 but quit after 30 minutes and 2.1 lousy miles. I was feeling really down and tired. I know I’m coming back from a sickness but still. Sunday I tried again. I was going to do 18 miles but obviously that wasn’t going to happen considering my week of sickness so I settled on 6 miles. Well I struggled to get to 4 and forced myself to 5 before I quit. This weekend was the UGLY.
Well that’s about it from here.

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