10 Years of Wedded Bliss

Friday, August 23, 2013

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since that extremely hot August day in 2003.  In the 10 years, we have had many ups and a few downs but overall it has been fun. 

10 years in numbers…
Residences: 2 (Burnsville and Shakopee)
We only lived in Burnsville for a few months after we got married.  We moved to Shakopee in early 2004.  Granted we didn’t think we would still be in our tiny townhouse but alas the housing market decided to bottom out and here we are almost 10 years later and still stuck. :(

Animals: 1 Cat (Swirl) and many fish…who won’t die!
Swirl came even sooner than our townhouse.  I think we got the call from Eric’s Mom in late September and by October he was in our life.  He is a character.  We had some problems in the beginning with trips to the ER Vet but once we found a good vet in Shakopee we haven’t really had any problems since.  Yes he has a heart murmur but it doesn’t seem to be causing him any trouble. The fish on the other hand…we have 3 fish that are still alive and I desperately want new carpeting in our house but I don’t want to move our aquarium.  So I'm waiting for them to just die. Why is it that when you don’t want the fish to die, they do and vice versa. Seriously, do goldfish normally live 7 years?

Jobs: Eric – 3 with 2 different companies, Kim – 2 with 2 different companies.
We have been very fortunately on the jobs front.  Neither of us was affected by the massive layoffs that happen in 2008 and 2009. We aren’t much of job jumpers (obviously).

New nieces and nephews: 16

Nieces and nephews that have graduated: 7

Godchildren: 5 (Autumn, Gerald, William, Evelyn and Joseph)
Apparently people want us to have godly children not real children.  Just kidding.

Sad Things
Deaths: 3
Grandma Bisek died in October 2003 (just 3 2 months after we married (apparently I can't add))
Grandma Likens died in November 2004.
LaVern Bisek died on December 28, 2006 (the day after Kim’s 29th birthday)

Surgeries: 2 (we are gallbladder-less)
So in 2008 I had a bout of pancreatitis and a lot of pain.  Three months later they took out my gallbladder.  Fast forward to 2011 and guess what, Eric had pancreatitis and pain.  He didn’t have to wait 3 months for his surgery…he had to one-up me and have an emergency surgery and additional procedure which required a multiple-day hospital stay.

Travel Related
U.S. States: 48 (missing Hawaii and Washington)
Yep we have been to 48 states in 10 years.  What can I say, we like to travel.  We have made some really long road trips with family and friends.  Someday we will get to Hawaii and Washington. Someday…

Foreign Countries: 11 (Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Jamaica, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.)
So 11 countries isn’t bad.  I have many more I want to add to the list. I guess we will see where we are at 20 years. :)  On the list is Brazil, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands, African Safari, China, Turkey and other parts of Asia…but not North Korea and not really the Middle East.

Current Baseball Stadiums: 13 (but soon will be 15).  (Busch Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Great American Ball Park, Kauffman Stadium, Miller Park, Nationals Park, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, PNC Park, Progressive Field, Rogers Centre, Target Field, Turner Field, U.S. Cellular Field, Wrigley Field)
Our upcoming road trip will take us to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Williams Siblings Visits: 13 (sorry Elaine)
We have traveled from Oregon, to Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia and Maryland (technically we weren’t married yet) oh and Minnesota…duh. We didn't get to Fairbanks on our Alaskan Honeymoon...we have to get there some day and Brazil too.

I’m sure there is a lot more that has happen in the last 10 years but heck that is a long time to remember everything and you are probably bored reading this blog anyways.  So in closing I’ll just say this.  I love Eric and I’m pretty sure he loves me and we look forward to another 10+ years.

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