March is Madness

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness has already set in.  March really is madness for me.  My work and home life have been busy.  I always complain about January and February at work because I work Saturdays and there is the stress of getting the stuff ready in 2 months.  I have a lot of work those months but March is the worst of them all.  Part of the problems is I get the 10-K Annual report filed and the Statutory Annual filings done so my mind says hurray I am done. It plays this trick on me every year.  But I’m not even close to done.  We have 3 subsidiaries left to prepare and a Stat audit and the MDA. I know that means nothing to you but essential I am working on 5 different things simultaneously.  It is amazing that I don’t get so confused and make changes to one document that was intended for a different one…ok now I have freaked myself out…have I done that?  Now right now is crunch time for these 5 documents so I work my tail off from start to finish everyday with really no break.  At least in January and February there are days were I’m not too busy. And then April hits and we get to add first quarter reporting of the 10-Q and Statutory filings on top of it so It becomes a major mess.  I really hate March.

Also this past week…
My VP’s last day was on Wednesday. We went out for lunch on Monday with her. It was a sad day.  And to make it even worse they forgot her order.  We all got our food except for her.  About 20 minutes later they brought out her burger and it was rare.  Of all people this could have happened to it had to be her, the guest of honor.  She finally settled on soup because we all were done eating by that point. After that we had a happy hour for her.  It was nice.

Wednesday brought another swim night. I really love swimming and I look forward to it on swim days.  The thought of jumping into the pool after work really helps to get me through these long days at work.  The only bad thing is we usually hit Arby’s afterwards so all that workout I did went to waste on a Beef N’ Cheddar.

Thursday was a shorten band night. We started an hour later because the school had conferences.  Normally we would just take the night off but we had a concert to prepare for so we had to practice.

Friday, Eric and I ventured to Wisconsin for the weekend.  If we had to drive I-94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul everyday we would be divorced in no time...boy that road sucks! It took us over an hour to get the border from Minneapolis.  That is like 25 miles! The weekend was great so it was worth it. I worked on my mom’s “honey-do” list until Midnight and even did more than she expected.  But I like doing it so it was ok. I designed her program for her next Deanery meeting so once I get started on something like that I go all out and can’t sleep until I’m done.  Saturday we had lunch with Nancy, Greg and Dylan.  After that we went to Mike’s dart tournament and shopping for shoes in Winona.   Yesterday after church it started to snow so we left early to avoid the major snow.  The snowflakes were huge.  The really splat on the windshield when the hit!

We got home around 1pm.  I didn’t feel so good so I laid down. After a 4 hour nap, Eric woke me up.  I still didn’t feel the best but I had to get ready for my concert. The concert was a success.  I’ll post a video of it later.  I also have a request for Monster Cookies so I need to make those as well.  I’m going to have to bless the M&Ms as fish so I can eat the batter. LOL!

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