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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hate January.  Really I do.  It is cold and gray. I'm really busy at work and working weekends. It just sucks.  The only good thing about January is I save a lot of money.  I don't eat out at work except for every other Friday. We also eat more meals at home so that saves too.

As I mentioned in the last post, I have started planning this years trips.   China has been pushed back to December.  There is a tour company that is a little bit more than the one that I was going to book through but it is 10 days instead of 9 and they include all meals so that is cool.  We would leave the day after Christmas and come back in January.  I would be spending another New Year's Eve celebration in another country. I like to do that.  Other than that trip, the only major trip is our Baseball Road Trip to the Lone Star State in late August/early September.  I'm excited about. As planned, we would be spending 3 days with my friend Mary Linda in Houston. We have 2 trips to Rapid City planned. One in late June for the triathlon and one in early August for the 50th Anniversary party for Eric's parents. I guess that makes up for the lack of Rapid City trip in 2012.

Now on to the blog post title. I have developed this desire to swim laps. We went twice last week and went again last night. I'm planning on going tomorrow night too. I even bought a swim cap to stop my hair from going in my face.  We did 1/2 mile last night in 40 minutes. It is a little slow but I'm not at the point were I can swim continuous laps without stopping to take a breathe. I'll get there. Unfortunately, the swimming pool is only open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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