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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We have been back now for a week and I'm already planning the next adventure. Work hasn't picked up quite yet so I've had some time to do some research.  First thing I did was plan a trip to Reno, Yosemite and Giant Sequoia. That might be next year in May.  Today I got an email with an amazing deal for China.  I've always thought about traveling to China but it always seems so daunting.  But this is a whole tour: flights, hotels, meals, ground transportation...9 days! We would leave May 14th. Eric's only hangup is he doesn't know when he will have class and that would eat up most of his vacation. Hopefully I can convince him. Ugh!

Saturday was the Bisek Family Holiday Party at Uncle Jack's. It was a nice time.  I won two the games. I'm so good!

So we started working out again.  Monday and Tuesday were brisk walking days. I have to say I'd rather run. I did do some running when I got sick of walking.  Yesterday was also volleyball.  We got killed. I hate 9:15 games. Today we did lap swimming. I love lap swimming.  It is probably my favorite work out.

Also we started eating better. I'm doing pretty good. Not sure about Eric. I made him chili on Sunday he was so happy.

Nothing really going on other than that.  January and February are very boring months for us.

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