Fargo to Reno

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wow I’m a slacker!  I haven’t posted in like 10 days!  What is wrong with me?  Well…I’ve been busy!
Let see…Friday and Saturday night we went camping in Elbow Lake, MN with DJ, Abbie and Ethan.  It was such a nice weekend for camping.  The weather was perfect, maybe a bit cold for sleeping Friday night but otherwise it was a fun time.  Saturday we visited Beth at Morehead.  It is a nice campus.  Their football team sucks though.  Good thing we didn’t go to the game.  We traveled home on Sunday because I had to get ready for my next trip…RENO!
Monday morning Eric took my Mom and I to the airport for our adventure to Reno.  I was a bit nervous because our connection in Salt Lake City was only 30 minutes.  Thankfully we got into a gate that was sort of close to the next gate so we made our connection just in time.  The flights were uneventful. We got into Reno and met up with Dave and Joanne, mom’s friends.  We started out our stay in Reno with a trip to Rib Fest.  I’m not a fan of ribs but there was plenty for me to eat.  We had these really good Texas potatoes…fresh potato chips.  
Emerald Bay, CA - Lake Tahoe

Tuesday we started our day early with a trip to Lake Tahoe.  It is incredibly beautiful.  We drove around the entire lake.  Emerald Bay on the southwest corner was the crowning jewel.  Get it emerald…jewel.  I love puns. We also ventured up to Truckee, CA and Donner’s Pass.  It is all so amazing.  We swung by the capitol building in Carson City on our way back to Reno. It was an all-day event.
Wednesday we had breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Ham N’ Eggs…a Reno tradition.  It was good.  We took another fun road to Virginia City, NV.  If you’ve been to Deadwood, SD it is like that. Old buildings from the 1800s, old casinos from the 1800s and a gunfight.  It was a tourist trap with all the shops selling the typical corny items.  But it was interesting to see and I got my fudge!  No trip is complete without fudge. We took a train ride on a vintage train to Gold Hill to see the old mining areas. After that we took Mt. Rose highway to the summit and an awesome overlook of Lake Tahoe.
After our second day of driving we had dinner at Dave and Joanne’s son, Mike’s house.  It was a very nice house up in the hills around Reno.  We had tri-tip steak, potatoes and the best corn-on-the-cob I’ve had this year.  It was all delicious. After that we drove through downtown Reno to see it at night. It isn’t as exciting as Vegas at all. It reminds me of downtown Vegas BEFORE they did the overhang and light show. 
Thursday morning we slept in until 6:30am!! I hate being on vacation and not being able to sleep in when I can.  I went for a swim in the really warm pools. It was chilly out but the pools feel great and being it was so early it was dead there.  We enjoyed their hotel’s buffet and made our way to the airport.  Reno’s airport is small, security took us 2 minutes and mostly that was because the TSA agent was picking on us.  There isn’t much to see or do.  If you get there really early, like us, you will get bored.  The flights were empty and as a result they were really cold.  I froze on our way to Salt Lake City. I bought a clearance rack USA Olympic sweatshirt for the next flight. I’m sure glad I did as it was just as cold on that flight. We got home about 9:30 last night.
All in all it was a great week.  I had lots of fun, ate lots of food and did zero running.   I have no plans for the weekend besides eventually getting my pictures on the website. Oh and maybe a run or two.

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