Another Chicken Q

Monday, September 17, 2012

This past weekend was another busy one for us.  We drove down to Independence on Friday to see the Indees play Eleva-Strum.  I haven’t been to a high school football game in 16 years.  And this is the first time that I’ve seen a football game at the new field (which is like 10 years old). It was a different experience from when I was in school, that is for sure but it was still fun.  John, my cousin, is the coach. The good guys won 18-8.

Saturday, I was up early thanks to the stupid train.  I’m not sure why but the past year the train always wakes me up at mom’s house.  It goes at like 5:30 am.  Seriously! I feel back to sleep for a little but finally crawled out of bed around 8.  We had to get to George’s Lounge for the Chicken Q. Mom and I helped out serving. The served quite a few meals. We were off and on busy the whole afternoon. The chicken was again delicious.  We stuck Eric in the corner so he could work on his paper.  After that we went to 4:30 Mass.  The church is in the middle of renovations so it doesn’t look the best. One of the big windows is gone and there is scaffolding. Thankfully they didn’t do this the year we got married! We went for a ride after church to check out the sand mining pit by our old farm and eventually made our way to Whitehall for dinner.  It was a very eventful day.

Yesterday was another day of busyness.  Again the stupid train woke me up and then mom and cleaned off the old band equipment.  Mike came over and we loaded it into the pickup and when Nancy and Greg came by we went to Eau Claire to sell the stuff to Pawn America.  I think mom is happy with what she got and the stuff is gone.  We had lunch after that and then came home. 

So we had another weekend where my mom just tired me out.  And I actually got to sleep, she worked Friday night so she went without sleep again.  

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