80’s in October?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a gorgeous weekend! The weather was sunny and warm and it was so nice to be outside with no bugs and no humidity.

Saturday and Sunday we had the windows open to let the fresh air in. Sunday we went for a drive with Greg and Celeste to see the fall colors on the county roads along the Minnesota River Valley. It was beautiful. We stopped at Emma Krumbee’s for some apples and pumpkins. Evelyn loves pumpkins. She was picking the little pumpkins and putting them in the cart. It was so cute. We had a fun time.

Fall is one my favorite seasons, spring is the other. Fall is great because the temperatures are cooler (except for this past weekend) and the leaves are so colorful and awesome. It means apples are in season and taste wonderful. I eat at least one a day and up to three a day on weekends. We made 2 apple orchard runs this year already and I think we will probably go again. I love how the house smell while I back apple crisp. Pumpkins are all around. I love pumpkins. And college football is on every Saturday. What a great time of year!

The only downfall to fall (ha ha it’s a pun, get it?) is that winter is around the corner. Now I love snow and cooler temps but it means my sandals have to be packed away and socks have to be worn again. But that’s ok because fall also means the start of volleyball season. We skipped last year and it was heartbreaking for me. So I’m ubber excited we are playing this year. We start in a week. I can’t wait!!

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