Mental Recovery

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Since my last post from Atlanta airport, there has been a lot going on. The van was towed back to Wisconsin, the insurance dude said it was totaled, my mom started looking for a new vehicle and yesterday she bought one. A 2008 Chevy Equinox. I have to say I'm a little jealous...I've always wanted one of those. So I think all and all everything will be ok.

Besides the van dilemma, life is going pretty good. Nothing too exciting has happen in the last couple weeks. Two weeks ago we went to Sister Rosemary's Golden Jubilee. Amazing! It was very fun. Last weekend I had a concert at the Arboretum and we went to Valleyfair for the first time this year. It was cold! Monday I talked to Adrian and Fa and family for over 2 hours. Eric had 6 games this week (every night he had games). Friday we went to the Twins/Padres Game. I got to see Neshek warming up and he even pitched a scoreless inning for the Padres....I miss him! Yesterday we went down to Independence for the day and got to see mom, Mike and Nancy. And today I'm going on vacation with my friend from Texas, Mary Linda, her mom, aunt and Alice. We are going up the Minnesota 's North Shore of Lake Superior. My most favorite place in the world. Very excited, but nervous about the drive.

I'm slowly recovering from the accident, mentally. I still don't want to drive in rush hour (who blames me) and every time I have to switch lanes my heart starts racing. Hopefully I can get over it. I was doing ok but than on the drive home from the Twins game on Friday we came across a deadly crash on I-35W and the Crosstown split. A Jaguar missed the Crosstown exit and took out the guardrail. First I saw the steering wheel in the middle of the road (Yikes!) and than sadly I saw the body, on the pavement, covered with a sheet. :( That didn't help my recover process! But I look at it and I say THANK GOD, we are all ok.

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