What a busy month

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boy has life been busy in April. Where to begin? We had an excellent weekend at my Mom's on April 1, 2, and 3. I went to a bridal shower for one of my best friends from High School, Mandi. Then we went out for Mom's birthday to Wason's Supper Club. Awesome food. Afterwards we went bar hopping. It is really odd saying that you went bar hopping with your mom. But we went to George's, Wasons, Jailhouse and Tamarack. At the Jailhouse we had the birthday shot. I'm not exactly sure what is in it but I pretty sure Apple Pucker is in it. It is served in a bed pan. Ha ha! Great pictures.
We went to our first Twins Game of the year. We were joined by my cousin, Brad and his wife, Emily. It was so much fun. They actually won (which is rare this year) in 10 innings. This past weekend we went down to Wisconsin again. This is become a common occurrence lately. Mike had his Chicken Q fundraiser at George's. Yum, BBQ'd chicken. Mom and I helped out. I was putting the chickens in the to-go containers....those were some might big birds. My middle finger still hurts from the tongs. We had a huge birthday cake for my mom and she got flowers.
I made her a picture for her garage window. It was such a hit that I got a request for 2 more from her neighbors (see below). It was a great weekend.
Look what our naughty cat got into, he is on top of the aquarium. He was trying to get at the palms from Palm Sunday. Yesterday I got my first pedi of the year. I'm so excited for summer. Unfortunately I can't show it off as it snowed today. April snow is cool...it looks pretty when it comes down but it doesn't accumulate.
Can't wait for May! Only 31 days until Graduation! YAY!!

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