You silly cold, I concede, you win

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It has been one of those weeks. Monday night we went to the Business Administration awards dinner. I was award the Second Major Outstanding Student for 2010-2011. Yay! After socializing with a couple of the professors, I found out that they basically created the award for me. Prior to this year they never recognized second majors....they do now. And who better to honor the first year than Moi? YAY. Here is a picture from the evening.

As for the title, I've been fighting a nasty cold. It started Tuesday night with a very sore throat and exhaustion. I basically came home from work and went to bed. Wednesday I felt fine and all day Thursday. After band Thursday night, the cold come back with a vengeance, I thought I had pneumonia. Friday morning, again I felt fine, but I got to work and felt sick again. Ugh. I got a good night sleep and feel much better today. We even went for our first bike ride of the year. A short 6 mile ride.

Today was our Eden Prairie Band Festival concert. It is probably the neatest concert ever. There were 6 bands from EP school district (5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 10th grade and EPHS Symphonic) and then us, the EP Community Band. So the little munchkins are so cute with their simple pieces that were totally out of tune and then you can see the progression of experience and talent as each band plays their song. We played "Gallop" from First Suite for Band. Then all seven bands played another very simple song and ended the concert with Stars and Stripes Forever. You have to imagine there were 7 bands and at least 40 to 50 members for each so there were 300+ kids play at one time (I'm a kid right?). Really cool....and VERY loud.

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