Independence week sans Mom

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well this weekend we are in the tranquil city of Independence. Mom is still on her warm vacation in Florida visiting her sister Alice. We are crashing at her house. The main reason we came down was to do taxes. Oh...I want a refund!!! So we arrived last night to see her house decked out in Packer stuff. I took care of it though ;-) This was from the newspaper. She had it on her fridge. Don't worry its a post-it note so no harm will be done to Rodgers. Its a joke mostly...I wonder if she will notice? Speaking of mom, she sent me a text one day this week that say it was 80 was 0 degrees here so yea, I'm jealous. Yesterday she went to the beach, yes, very jealous.

So after taxes we are heading to George's (near Winona) to pick up my brother, Mike, and then we are gong to Wason's for dinner. Yum, Wason's.

Also this week I booked out tickets for our Mid-Atlantic trip in September. Just a brief summary, we are going to Dover, DE, Atlantic City, NJ, Ocean City, MD and the Outerbanks of NC. A fun filled week of sun and surf. We are also taking my mom along. Very excited!

Lets see what's new with school? Last Sunday I had my test in Financial Management. I thought it was fairly easy, but I guess we have to wait and see what the grade is on the test first. I also had a take home test for my Advanced Accounting class. Boy it was tough. Gov't accounting is Zeally hard, no wonder our governments are so messed up, I wonder if they even understand it! Thankfully my professor recognized that we were falling asleep and we got out at 8:30 again. I would be shocked if we ever stay until 9:30 like we are suppose to, but I'm not complaining. A 6-9:30 pm class on Monday is tough enough. I will be so happy when I'm done. (in 78 days).

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