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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a busy week! Work has been crazy, I've been working many hours but after today, I can finally see a light at the end of tunnel. By this time next week we should be all filed and then we can move on to everything else year end related. Other random thoughts on the week:

1) Today I was reading up on the Wisconsin protests at the state capitol. Very interesting! So the guv wants to basically break the union and make them pay 5% into their pensions (gasp), pay 13% for health care (gasp) and their raises would be tied to the consumer price index CPI (double gasp). I really don't see what the problem is? I don't have a pension plan...I have a 401k which means I have to save money for my retirement and my company only pays 3% of what I contribute so yea...don't really feel sorry for them there. 13% for health care is peanuts. Newsflash all of us have increased medical costs, one year my dental went up 40% year over year! And I wish I got a raise that was comparable to the CPI...but I didn't but you know what I'm thankfully I still have a job. Wisconsin is turning into Egypt of the "Mid(dle) West." Ha ha. My experience with unions is more of an annoyance. I think people should get paid based on their performance not because of union rates. But I digress...

2) On a brighter note, today is reporting day for pitchers and catchers. How exciting! It means that opening day is around the corner and Twins baseball will be in full swing again, get it? swing! I'm so funny tonight. I'm glad to see that Joe Nathan feels like he is normal again after Tommy Johns surgery. Only 42 days until open day...

3) So the hours I wasn't at work, or sleeping or at school I've been working on my new blog. It is so exciting. I figured out code for a comments section (see below). I also created the sliding menu you see on the left. I feel so cool.

4) Finally, only 99 days until my mom, hopefully my niece, and I will be on our way to the Gulf Coast for a week of sun, beach and water. I can't wait!

That's it for now.

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