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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010 - 8:45 pm (1:45 pm CT)
Today was a pretty easy day for us. We had a 4 hour train ride (which we almost missed). Long story short, it was slow at the grocery store and hence we almost missed it. Thankfully we didn't, we would have to wait 5 hours for another train and we would have to pay a lot for it. Anyways, the train ride was fairly boring. It was fog/misty the whole time so we couldn't see much. We got to pass through Austria though and around a big lake. We got to Munich about 1:30 and after checking into the hotel we headed to the Deutsches Museum. Funny story on the tram. Eric got up to sit by me and this old guy drinking a beer was asking us questions. I think he finally understood we were from America (he kept saying Canada) and that we lived in Chicago. I figured it was the closest major city that he may have heard of. Very funny he continued to talk to us in German and then when we got off he shook Eric's hand and patted me on the back. Weird! Back to the museum...I remember it being much cooler than it really was, but then again the historically train display, the musical instruments display and the bridges display were all closed for renovations. Shucks...hun Dylan? Also all the information on the displays were in German. Makes trying to figure out what everything so hard....how lame! So we did the mining display, aeronautics and astronomy. After that we wandered around the city center by the train station and the Karlstor Gate (the city has four old gates to the city). Stopped for some pizza and then went shopping at Karlstadt...the Munich equivalent of Macy's. A very huge department store. Everything here is still decorated for Christmas which is very awesome. They have an outdoor skating rink setup in the square near the train station. We picked up some very delicious pastries called Trimmi? and we are now just chilling in the room. Eric is watching the Chelsea/Bolton game which is live from Chelsea Stadium in London. Announcers are speaking in German so Eric is talking to himself as he watches the game. Ha ha. Tomorrow is Castle time.

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