Lucerne, Switzerland and My Birthday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010 - 6:06 pm (11:06 am CST)
I apparently like right at 6 past the hour. Hum. Well I can say I'm very pooped. I've been up for 28 hours straight with maybe a little cat nap on the plane to Zurich. Eric is snoring away as I'm updating my pictures and facebook status. I've had a lot of Birthday wishes on Facebook and it isn't even noon back home yet! So today was very eventful. Here is pretty much a recap of the last 10 hours. Flight to Zurich was uneventful. Wow the KLM Flight Attendants are beautiful and VERY friendly. Sure beat the old bags from Delta. No issues with the luggage, we scooped them up and head for the train station. Fortunately for me Swiss Rail has the "Happy Birthday Pass." I get unlimited travel today for only 33 Swiss Francs (SF)!! To put that in prospective, Eric's one-way fare to Lucerne was 27 SF. Score me! Switzerland is VERY expensive. A locker at the train station was 8 SF (thankfully all of our stuff fight in one locker). A Big Mac Meal and Mc Royal cost us 18 SF. And that was the small drink and fry that Eric I shared. Yes kill me, we ate at Mc Donalds. We were starving and it was the first thing we saw that wasn't very confusing. Remember we are operating on very little sleep and I don't speak any German and all the other places had their food listed in Germany and I was too tired to figure out what it all meant. We went on a walk...a very long walk if you ask Eric. He at one point said that next time he is going to suggest some where warmer. I'm thinking its ok, except for the slipping on snow cover esclator on the way down to the train station. We got to see the nice sites of Lucerne including the and Chapel Bridge. We made our way back to Zurich and are now relaxing (or sleeping in the case of Eric.

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