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Saturday, September 5, 2009

We left Eric's work place at about 12:15. Our trip didn't start off right when we stopped at Hardee's and the messed up our order, we got somebody else's order. We didn't get our roast beefs, onion rings or fries...all we got was a small cheeseburger and a Thickburger.. Hopefully this wasn't an omen! We regretted the stop at Hardee's all the way to Milwaukee...their Thickburger is nasty...We got to Milwaukee and picked up Dylan and head south towards Chicago. We had to drop him off at Union Station because he is going to the Notre Dame football game tomorrow with his friend. Anyways, driving in Chicago, especially right by downtown sucks. It was so slow and there was construction everywhere. Needless to stay it took nearly 3 hours to go 70 miles in Illinois. But we made it to our hotel in Indiana.

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