NY Turnpike

Monday, September 7, 2009

As we are driving down the NY Turnpike on our way to Syracuse University (and I hear Eric's ecstatic...I just saw Delaware!!!), I'm updating my pictures from yesterday (9/6). This is what we did ...In the morning we did a quick trip around Downtown Cleveland. We checked out Brown's Stadium and some how ended up on a frontage road by the airport...big mistake...it was the annual air show. Cars everywhere! It also explains the crazy flying we saw over the Twins/Cleveland game the day before. It was cool to watch but very LOUD! So we said good by to Cleveland and hello PA...for only 47 miles. But we stopped in Erie at Presque Isle State Park. It is a peninsula on Lake Erie. It was very busy (I know big surprise its Labor Day weekend). I hadn't planned on swimming but sitting in the car in traffic trying to get to it made us very hot so we throw on the suits and went for a dip in Lake Erie. It was great! The water was warm considering it is a Great Lake.

Next we ventured to Niagara Falls....again...what was I thinking its a holiday weekend in the US and Canada! Duh! And a million other tourist from all over the world...I can't seem to get away from the Japanese tourist that move in a group like a 6 year old soccer game with all the players hovered around the ball....with their clicking cameras. I thought I was bad. And then of course there are the people from India who stop as people are walking in a queue and we end up tripping over them. Have they every heard of moving over to the side? Oh well. We walked around the state park and viewed the falls from the top. We then went on the Maid of the Mist tour. Surprisingly, we go right on in less than 15 minutes. We don our blue rain poncho with pride as we ventured to the bottom of the falls in a boat. It was cool...we got drenched...thank God for the blue poncho! After that we crossed the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side for some food and souvenirs...marking our first border crossing of the trip. The view from the Canadian side is much better, everybody is right! I loved our trip back with the falls lit up in multiple colors and of course I love the US border agents asking what we brought back..."4 candy bars and a magnet."

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