Loons Home Opener 2024

Monday, March 4, 2024

Eric, Alec, Mike and I went to the Minnesota Loons Home Opener on Saturday. When I saw a March 2nd game, I thought it would be crazy cold. Well I didn't realized we would have a real warm winter and it was a beautiful sunny, 60 degrees!  I actually got hot. I like the new kit (aka jersey) so I got one. So did Mike and Alec. We all match now.  We left during stoppage time because the Loons were losing and Eric said the game was over...30 seconds after we walked out of the stadium...they scored. hahahahahaha. 

We jumped on the bus right away and were back to the car in now time. We met Linda, Kennedy, Josh and friends at the Mall of America. We walked around a bit and then went home and had Pizza Hut and watched Next Goal Wins movie. It was a good day. 

this is not the jersey I bought. just another option.

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