Colfax Urban 10 Mile

Monday, May 16, 2022

We ran the Colfax Urban 10 Mile in Denver yesterday. We were supposed to run this race back in 2020 but with Covid we were able to defer to 2022. I imagined I would be in awesome shape with 2 years of training but the opposite happened. Hahaha. The elevation kicked my butt and it got really hot for this Minnesota girl.

On a positive note, I had negative splits the first 5 miles and had my best 5 mile time this year. Yay!! A win! Mile 5 was through Bronco's Stadium which was really cool!  But the last 5 miles were rough. The last mile was the worst. I had cramping in my arch. But it wasn't as bad as the marathoner who was walking barefoot because his shoes were "shredding" his feet. Poor guy!  My overall time (2:45:00) was better than the first 10 miles of Kansas so that is a win too!  But I need to get better. That is so slow compared to where I used to be. I need to start seriously training.

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