Virtual or Deferred :(

Sunday, March 14, 2021

I had high hopes for 2021 after 2020 was a bust but 2021 is turning out to be just as bad. :(  

Earlier this month Missoula Marathon just up and canceled this years live race...they made it virtual but that is so lame. We were not given an option to defer. Thankfully they offered us 50% refund. I guess that is better than nothing. This was supposed to be our June race. 

The Garmin Land of Oz Marathon in Kansas kept saying the race was on and they were taking precautions to insure a live race. But on Thursday, 38 days before the start, they announced they moved it to November.  ARGH!  Of course it is a weekend we can't do it. We will have to defer to 2022. I'm a little upset but honestly my training has been terrible so this is probably a Godsend. 

So, for now, the only race we have on the schedule for 2021 is Madison Marathon...unless they cancel too. I'm afraid to sign up for any races as I don't want them to cancel on us. This is ruining my training. I don't want to run without a race to train for but I need to get back in shape. I wish races would come back.   

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