Events of the Last 3 Months

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Ice Cream after biking the Sakatah Trail...the start of something new starts in about an hour.

Swirl, my faithful coworker through this pandemic

Memorial Weekend in New Ulm with the Dobies

Four Generations

My beautiful Day Lilies, I will miss these at the new house

WI Weekend, the new flowers for my Dad's grave

Brazilians arrived June 23rd. We took Anna to Minnehaha Falls. 
Fourth of July weekend we went kayaking and swimming...yes that is Blake "kayaking"

We found a race...a live race. It was hot and wasn't a great run but at least it was a real race!

We bought a new house!

Birthday Party for all the late July-early August birthdays

Happy Birthday!

My "Family Wall" at the new house...see gray everywhere!

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