Lift Bridge 10K

Sunday, July 29, 2018

I love this course. It is mostly downhill and fast. I thought last year was awesome but this you was even better! I PR'd the course by almost 2 minutes!The weather this year was perfect, cool, not humid and no rain. We have ran this race (10 miler two years ago, 10K last year) and it is always hot and humid. So this was a pleasant surprise.
There were only 162 people running this race but I never felt alone. There was always somebody around me. The first mile was pretty fast for me. The weekly speed workouts have been helping! Mile 2 was mostly down hill and I ran it like the wind. That was my first under 12 minute mile since the Halloween run last year. Woo hoo!

Mile 3 was a struggle but I just thought to myself I need to keep it under 13 minutes and I did, barely. I think the faster than normal mile 2 is the reason for the struggle. After that mile, I settled down and just got into a flow of running. I did .08 running, .02 walking. I used this interval for most of Grandma's Marathon. As a result the last 3 miles were very consistent with negative splits. The worst part of this race is the last 2 miles on Hwy 95. Cars don't slow down and you are running on the shoulder with traffic which bugs me. But only one dead animal this year and he was past the smelly phase. haha. 

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