Grandma’s Marathon Training Update #2

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

After the disastrous half marathon in Raleigh, which was my worse half ever thanks to strep throat and a nasty chest cold, I took a week to recover from the crud. I only ran a mile on the Wednesday to keep my Run Streak Wednesday alive. Thankfully the Hot Chocolate 15K was shortened to a 5K because I would not have survived 15K in the awful snow and wind. I did a few short runs the following week before ramping back up to my long runs.

Two weeks later, I was back to running my marathon training plan. I had 8 crappy miles running between Lake Nokomis and Lake Harriet. I also started incorporating speedwork on the treadmill. My first long run outside in long time was a half marathon. I didn’t think about the bright sun and ended up with a painful sunburn. No more tanks for me for a while. This run wasn’t that great, I had some miles that I just walked. But it was warming up and I ran out of water so that hurt me too.

The week after the half I did 5 miles of speedwork on Friday, 6.5 slow-ish run on Saturday and an amazing 10 mile run on Sunday. It was my best 10 mile run ever. This run really gave me hope that I won’t crash and burn on race morning. Eric was very helpful on this run, he met me every mile/mile and half to give me cold water and to pour water on me to cool me off. It was amazing. I was so consistent. My first 5 miles were all basically the same pace, my last 5 miles were all basically the same pace. The only difference is I lost 30 seconds per mile between mile 5 and 6. What is even more shocking is this run came after 2 other hard runs on the days before.

Last week I managed to get 11 miles in on Friday before our flight to Vegas. This week is my half marathon race in Denver. I’m running out time before the big race and I haven’t really had a long run. That freaks me out.

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