Hot Chocolate 15K...I mean 5K

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mother nature is really pissed off...she has "blessed" us with an mid-April Blizzard. This storm has been predicted for over a week now. And the amounts of snow really haven't changed. It is a massive storm with lots of freezing rain, snow and windy. Fortunately, the Hot Chocolate organizers are smart and canceled the 15K and made all of us run the 5K.

It was an awful race. The rain from yesterday froze and the snow on top made the running surface very slick. We were smart and went to our favorite running store, River Valley Running, for some running spikes. 

As I said, the race sucked. My time was one of my worst but I walked a lot. The entire time felt like running on sand. I survived the run, got my medal, and picked up my frozen chocolate and went home.

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