Grandma’s Marathon Training Update

Sunday, March 25, 2018

I just completed week 12 of my 24 week training plan for Grandma’s Marathon. I started January 1st and was doing great until the flu hit in late February. That took me out for 10 days and that was just before the Montgomery Half. As I mentioned in my race report, that race wasn’t great but I survived.

Since that race I’ve tried to stick to the plan as best I can and it is going pretty well. Last weekend I ran 10 miles around Lake Nokomis and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Before the run, I created my game plan on how I wanted each mile to go and I actually kept close to my goals. So that made me happy.

This week was a back off week. Since we ran 10 on Sunday, I decided that a short swim on Monday would be more beneficial instead of pounding more miles on sore legs. I ran 5 slow miles on Wednesday, 3.25 sort of fast miles on Thursday and 7 long miles on Saturday on the treadmill. Hopefully I can keep following my schedule. It will get harder with the really long runs coming up. This week’s long run is 12 miles and next weekend is a half marathon in Raleigh, NC. It is easier for me to run 13 miles in a race than it is for me to run 10-12 miles in training.  

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