40 for 40…Mission Accomplished!

Monday, December 18, 2017

I did it!  I ran 40 races in 2017 before my 40th Birthday!  I’m so happy to complete another running goal!  There were times I was really doubtful I could do it with some of the nagging pains and injuries but I conquered it and succeeded.

Here are the stats:

Types of races
Of course, I ran mostly 5Ks but my second most was half marathons. So that is cool. I had approximately 270 racing miles this year alone.
Races per month
I decided to do this challenge in March so the first 2 months of the year I didn’t do too many races. And it was winter so there are not many races to choose from. August had the most races followed by July which is odd because it is my least favorite time of year to run. Ha!
It is no surprise I like to travel and what is more fun than traveling to races???  My farthest race from home was Brussels, Belgium. But I also got to cross of 6 more states on my 50 States goal. So that was cool too!
Well my rough estimate of just race entry fees for my 40 races was $1,870. Of course there were hotels and flights and other travel related expenses that are not added it…this was an expensive goal!

Would I do it again?  
Absolutely. It was fun. Maybe I should do 50 for 50…I have 10 years to figure that out.

What’s next?
For 2018, I’m running a lot less races. I will keep up my “One Race a Month” goal. I’m currently at 50 months straight!

I’m already registered for 5 half marathons:
Montgomery Half Marathon
Rock N' Roll Raleigh
Colfax Half Marathon
Rock N' Roll Dublin Half Marathon
Madison Half Marathon

And I have plans to 3 other half marathons but I can’t register for them yet.

I’ve also registered for Grandma’s Marathon. It really hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m running another one. I hope my time is better.

Happy Running!

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